The most “existent” family in the United Kingdom

To the delight of millions of fans around the world, the most original British television series ever produced, Downton Abbey (Available on Netflix), and continued on the big screen, and later in the so-called home theater.

After the first foray into theaters in 2019 with the title The Series and directed by Michael Engler, which picked up where the sixth and final season left off, in the same year, and due to the success of this first film, it was released Downton Abbey, a new era. It is now on sale on DVD and Blu ray.

There is a change in director, with Simon Curtis behind the cameras, and also a change in staging, because we will see some members of the aristocratic family outside of their usual environment. In real life this estate is called Highclere Castle, and has always been a major character in the story.

Thus, Lady Mary Crawley and her loyal and competent service must coexist Downton Abbey For a month, for economic reasons, with members of the film crew, while part of her family will travel to the south of France to see the beautiful villa that the lover of the veteran mother Violet had left her as an inheritance, without explaining this to his relatives the relationship that each of them had to receive such a lush estate.

Everything is grand in this new production, and the show is gorgeous, both set in England and set in France. The film's costumes are especially noteworthy, a riot of elegance and variety in the ladies' clothing. Anna Robbins repeats that plot with Maja Meschede. This stunning splendor is owned by a director of photography like Andrew Dunne, who knows how to take advantage of stunning landscapes and interiors that once again showcase the splendor of a Victorian mansion. Everything is taken care of, down to the smallest details.

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However, despite its undoubted qualities, as was the case in the first feature film made for the cinema, its best asset remains the funny character of Follette Crawley, played by Maggie Smith, who with her humorous and sharp comments manages to start Smiles of spectators. In addition to the veteran actress, the role of Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) also has a long history, who with her endurance and perfect delivery seems as if she was born to play this British noblewoman.

In the background of this film, as in the series, the union of this aristocratic family prevails despite the difficulties that stand in its way, as its service always helps them.

The challenge, as in the previous film, is that the entire cast, masters and servants, exit at some point. The nods to the beginnings of talkies and the difficult adaptation of some of the stars are very effective.

If you liked the TV series, this new part will not disappoint you, because with great care in presenting it, it is a cinematic production that you can enjoy with your eyes.

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