The most disturbing movie is on Amazon Prime Video; Not suitable for sensitive people | trailer

Various streaming platforms are becoming more and more popular as an option for users around the world, which offer various movies, series and documentaries; One of the most sought after is Amazon Prime Video, which has created original content and has also managed to collect many titles that are even considered classics and cults.

Under this scenario, it is important to remember that Amazon Prime Video was launched in 2017 with an app for Android phones within the Google Play app. But over time and with audience acceptance, it has become available in more than 200 countries through Prime video or an Amazon Prime subscription.

What do you watch on amazon prime video?

In this sense, there is diverse content within the platform that ranges from classic genres such as suspense, horror, and comedy, but also brought options such as psychological horror and Mexican cinema.

This is the “Saint Maud” tape currently in the Amazon Prime Video catalog, and it’s part of the same kind of psychological horror movie that has managed to get good reviews from moviegoers.

This production was launched in 2019 and written and directed by Rose Glass, as part of her debut as a filmmaker; It had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, 2019, which had its UK premiere in 2020 by StudioCanal UK.

What is the theme of “Saint Maud”?

“Saint Maud” follows the story of Maud, a young nurse who, after a severe shock, decides to become a Christian. However, when I started working I sponsored Amanda, a retired dancer with cancer and faith and faith. In the Christian religion, this degree is inspired by saving the soul of his patient from eternal damnation.

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The film stars Morvid Clarke as Maud, Jennifer Ell as Amanda, Lily Knight as Joy, Lily Fraser as Carol, Turlo Convery as Christian, Rosie Sansom as Esther, Marcus Hutton as Richard, and Karl Prikop as Pat , Noah Bodner. With a running time of 83 minutes, this horror movie will thrill anyone.

Below we show you the trailer for the production of said movie currently hosted in the extensive catalog of Amazon Prime:

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