The modernization and training course for science fair consultants has begun

The Regional Coordination of Science and Technology, under the Ministry of Culture and Education, in agreement with the Directorate of Higher Education and in coordination with the Educational Digital Inclusion Plan, opened, in a virtual way, the modernization and training course for science fair advisors.

In this context, attorney Sandra Aretta, a regional reference, expressed: “This is a personal follow-up training, and therefore quotas for teacher participation are limited.”

Likewise, it has been specified that it is intended for primary and primary level teachers in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics, and secondary level technical education for technical, agricultural, and vocational training schools.

“It will be developed through synchronous and asynchronous classes as part of the work that our coordinator is doing,” he said.

The opening ceremony was attended by Attorney Rita Benitez, the general coordinator of district assessment and training, and district delegates from Matacos, Pilcomayo and El Colorado.

“One of the main goals is to develop classroom action strategies, reassess all content emerging in this pandemic context, and apply inquiry methodologies in the school environment, project-based learning and problem-solving, the purpose of which is the purposeful learning of students,” concluded Arrieta.

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