The Ministry of Culture opens vacancies with a salary of 78 thousand pesos

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If you don’t currently have a job, this might interest you. The Ministry of Culture Opening eight vacancies in Mexico City through the Professional Placement Service.

Among the positions, there is the possibility of being the head of the department, the assistant secretary of cultural services for children and the national coordinator of institutional development.

What are the requirements?

The requirements to be employed are as follows:

  • Study level: Bachelor’s degree.
  • Academic degree: the academic degree.
  • Graduated from: Anthropology, Economics, History, Humanities, Law, Political Science and Public Administration, International Relations, Communication, Social Sciences, Psychology.
  • In the case of department heads and assistant secretary for children’s cultural services, three to four years of experience is required in the fields of political science, public administration, social sciences, anthropology, geography, humanities, management, education, psychology and communication..
  • Five years of experience is required for the position of National Institutional Development Coordinator.

What are the salaries offered by the Ministry of Culture?

The monthly payment depends on each position and ranges from 28,000 to 78,000.

  • National coordination of institutional development: 78 thousand 552 pesos.
  • Auxiliary Secretariat for Cultural Services for Children 28 thousand 986 pesos.
  • Head of projects 28 thousand 986 pesos.
  • The headquarters of the Central District Libraries Administration is 28 thousand 986 pesos.
  • Management of the link between institutions Headquarters 28 thousand 986 pesos.
  • The headquarters of the Northern District Library is 22 thousand 23 pesos.
  • Head of expenditure department 22 thousand 23 pesos.
  • The headquarters of the Committee is at its headquarters 22 thousand and 23 pesos.
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To enter the portal and register for a vacancy, you must create a username and password, you must have an email, CURP and RFC. The deadline is May 17 this year.

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