The Millonarios team won the signature of Alvaro Monteiro over Atlético Nacional and Junior de Barranquilla

The Millonarios team won the signature of Alvaro Monteiro over Atlético Nacional and Junior de Barranquilla

On October 26, after the defeat to Envigado, Millonaries FC He made Alvaro Monteiro official as the first promotion for the 2022 season, a fact that has sparked controversy, as it is unusual for signings to be announced before the end of a campaign. In addition, the goalkeeper was playing at the beginning Tolima Sports, one of the favorites to win the BetPlay League 2021 II.

Once the recruitment is announced by Millionaires, Tolima expressed their dissatisfaction with the way things went, given that Monteiro refused to negotiate with another team, as he commented with the captain of the Bijao team, Gabriel Camargo. That’s why they “punished” him and he wasn’t called up for the America de Cali game last Thursday.

What has been speculated is that although Montero remains contractually obligated Tolima Sports Until December, he had no minutes to play in the remainder of the Colombian League. That is why some local journalists shared a press release from the club via social networks, informing them of the contract. Alvaro Montero bilaterally.

Thus, the goalkeeper can arrive in Bogota to train with her Millionaires, then only next year can appear for the first time.

Disagreement was expressed from Tolima due to bad manners in his appointment, but, it seems, All this had arisen for a special reason: Atlético Nacional and Junior de Barranquilla were following in the goalkeeper’s footsteps..

This was revealed on Win Sports last Saturday during the broadcast of the Millionaires match against Equidad. According to journalist Diego Rueda, of the Bogota team, they waited to sign Montero later, but learned of the apparent interest (not the offer) in National And Carpentry, They hurried yes or yes to stay with the goalkeeper.

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In fact, they commented that “Pitirri” Salazar and Alberto Gameiro They did not want to get into the signing issue and left everything in the hands of the managers, as it would be out of respect for Deportes Tolima, the club they grew up in and have become great as a coaching staff.

However, things changed when they saw that National And Carpentry They were with the possibility of contracting him, because they decided to intervene to convince Alvaro and thus facilitate the negotiations a little, because the goalkeeper has a great relationship with DT and has long wanted to leave Ibagué.

Similarly, the journalist revealed that there was also interest from Major League Soccer and the Mexican League, but his intentions to move were on hold until the second week of November. This could have also affected the capital’s cadre to strengthen their relationship.

Alvaro Montero said goodbye to Tolima

The 26-year-old goalkeeper said goodbye to the fans of Tolima Sports, a club he played for between 2018 and 2021, during which time he was the two-time Colombian champion. On his Instagram account, Monteiro shared a photo with the club’s shirt accompanied by a message of gratitude for what he went through.

Hello Bijao fan, we lived four years full of joy and experiences that you and I will remember forever, wonderful moments, with beautiful images and achievements that will remain in the club’s history: I am grateful to you for being a part of everything. Thanks‘, you read.

The goalkeeper also mentioned that in every match he represented vinotinto y oro he gave his best, although at this point in his sporting career he chose to continue at another club: “Thank you for the warmth I’ve always felt from you as fans, really, forever grateful. In support of all that feeling, I give myself a 100×100 on the pitch, always representing and respecting the shirt, the club and you basically… I thank you again and say goodbye, I always wish the best for the great group, the great team and you.“.

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Although Montero had a contract until December 31 with Tolima SportsThis is mutually cancelled, which is why from now on you will be able to train with Millionaires FC Under the artistic direction of Alberto Gameiro, although it will only debut until 2022, because this semester does not appear in the list of entries.

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