The Mexican team couldn’t beat the United States and the memes blew them away

the Mexican national team He was minutes away from beating the USA, something he hadn’t achieved in the last five matches between the two teams, so memes On social networks they did not forgive her.

Diego Coca, who captained his third cap for the Mexican national team, but the first against the United States, in the so-called CONCACAF Classic, was left wanting to celebrate his second victory.

Three defeats and two draws against the United States are an increasing burden on the Mexican national team, and although it was a friendly match, the fans did not miss the opportunity to mock the team they lead. Diego Coca.

Team No Identity, starting with the FMF managers, followed by the DT and the players. Very Falcon style of playlaunched an angry fan who accompanied his message with an image that included the famous homophobic scream.


Julián Quinones, the solution to the Mexican national team?

Others took the opportunity to Applying for Colombian Julian Quinones To put the green shirt off Mexican national team.

A situation that doesn’t seem too far off, as the South American native has already been directed by Diego Cuca at Atlas FC. “Don’t worry guys, it’s coming,” the Twitter user wrote.



The Mexican soccer team always looks bad

Nor was it missing Comparing the level of the Mexican national teamwhich is historically the most supported all-round sports representative who usually does not give good results.

So the Mexican strength stands out in disciplines such as baseball and taekwondo, far more than the weakness of the soccer team.

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And there were even those who matched a poor emotional duet with the performance of the Mexican national team, which continues without making a show, although it is just beginning its new phase with Diego Coca on the bench.

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The fact is that The Mexican team failed Once again in front of the representative of the United States, who is not living his best moment.

It is also true that both teams will have to improve when they can count on their teams playing in Europe, although the USA has an advantage over the Mexican team in this regard.

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