The Mexican national team continues to stagnate in the FIFA rankings; United States over Germany

the FIFA The latest update was released classification International terms Mexican national team stayed Stagnant And communicate Outside Subordinate top ten, Same case as United State However it is for on to Germany.

The Mexican national team was unable to return to the top ten of the FIFA rankings after the last update of the year. For its part, its rival neighbor, the United States, is ahead of Jaime Lozano’s squad after its stagnation and is ahead of Germany.

The German national team was unable to defend itself, and with the arrival of Julian Nagelsmann, the host of the European Championship 2024 continues its poor results.

In the four matches under Nagelsmann, Germany recorded one win, one draw and two losses. It is currently ranked 16th in the FIFA rankings, while the United States is 12th.

The Mexican national team is among the top ten in the FIFA rankings

the Mexican national team falls outside Top 10 Subordinate FIFA ranking After the last update. The team led by Jaime Lozano is in 14th place.

The recent results of the Mexican national team did not help it rise its position in the FIFA rankings, which explains why it remains stagnant and is outperformed by Morocco, ranked 13th, the United States, ranked 12th, and Uruguay, ranked 11th, after regaining 4 places.

The national team will have to win at least the CONCACAF Nations League if it wants to regain the positions. It should be noted that the football year ends with the match against Colombia in a friendly match on December 16.

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Top ten positions in FIFA rankings

This is the Top 10 Subordinate FIFA rankingWhile Argentina does not lose first place, Brazil, for its part, lost two places after its poor performance in the qualifiers. France and its good progress towards the European Cup makes it the best team on the old continent.

  1. Argentina
  2. France
  3. England
  4. Belgium
  5. Brazil
  6. Holland
  7. Portugal
  8. Spain
  9. Italy
  10. Croatia.

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