The Mexican Ambassador to Bolivia hands over his credentials

“(…) Any action that affects the state and the friendly Mexican people affects us as if it were against us,” this person said during the ceremony in which he received exclusively the Sosa documents, in a gesture of solidarity.

Arce stressed that for this reason Bolivia strongly condemned the Ecuadorian police storming of the United States Mexican Embassy in the Republic of Ecuador, which violates the Vienna Convention and has no precedent in the history of international law.

He added that Bolivia respects the rules governing diplomatic relations, and in this sense refuses to infringe on the right of asylum of former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas, who was awaiting safe passage at the diplomatic headquarters.

He said: “In Ecuador, whose people we deeply respect and with whom we also share a common history, the inviolable nature of the headquarters of diplomatic missions has been ignored and Latin American traditions regarding the right to asylum have been broken.

He rejected “with the same indignation” the mistreatment of the head of the mission, Roberto Canseco, who courageously defended his headquarters and his asylum, “in honor of Mexican tradition (…), and those of us who witnessed the collapse of the constitutional order in 2019 know it.” “.

Arce stressed that Bolivia, as a country, in CELAC and in all multilateral fields, will present its position of condemnation of what happened at the Mexican headquarters in Quito, which also jeopardizes the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean.

He stressed that the Plurinational State of Bolivia reiterates its full solidarity with Mexico, the Mexican people and its President, Andres Manuel López Obrador.

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He added: “I also emphasize our desire to remain united to strengthen our diplomacy towards people for life for integration and peaceful coexistence in our countries.”

Referring to history, he noted that Bolivia and Mexico have had bilateral relations since 1831, based on the principles of brotherhood, respect, solidarity, reciprocity and complementarity.

He commented that these processes occurred with similar goals: independence from colonial domination and strengthening political sovereignty as states; Achieving the comprehensive well-being of its people and defending its natural resources.

For his part, Sosa expressed, in front of Vice President David Choquehuanca and Counselor Celinda Sosa, a broad representative of the Council of Ministers and leaders of social movements, that López Obrador refers in the document delivered to Arce “as great and mighty.” Good. Mexico friend.


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