The Marines made an “unprecedented” late transfer before facing Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup

Marin completed the “unprecedented” signing of Clitheroe player and coach David Lynch ahead of the FA Cup third round match with Tottenham Hotspur.

Lynch is eligible to face the Premier League team at the Marine Travel Arena this afternoon, but Neil Young will miss striker Modo Toure after his loan spell from Salford City ends.

Touray began beating Havant and Waterloofville in the second round in November, and the Welsh international sent a message to the Mariners before the match.

He wrote, “It goes without saying that I loved every second of my loan and made us some wonderful memories together.

“Whatever happens there today I will support you but I know you will be proud of all of us, you will enjoy the game.”

Marin replied on Twitter: “Thank you Mo, and thanks for playing such a big role in the FA Cup!”

Clitheroe competes in the eighth tier of football pyramid alongside the Marines and the co-director has the opportunity for Lynch to make history against Tottenham.

The 27-year-old midfielder was allowed to leave Clitheroe temporarily after the government decided to suspend non-elite sport until February at the earliest.

Marines coach Neil Young said: “With new loans difficult to arrange at the moment and no league soccer after Sunday, I approached Clithero to see if we could score David as a player in the Cup match with Tottenham Hotspur.

David has played for me before, he fits everything we are in terms of his behavior and professionalism and has experience in the National League and Northern League to win with Halifax.

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“There are not many players with this CV who have not been tied for the Cup and who would fit in with our fantastic group.

“I understand that such a move is unprecedented but given the current circumstances in which no other football exists, we are really grateful that Clitheroe and in particular football manager Karl Garner have allowed David to participate in this match for us.”

A club statement from Cleathrow added: “After approaching the Marines, Clithero’s board of directors agreed to release the player and manager David Lynch for a period of 14 days to allow him to participate in the FA Cup third-round match against Tottenham Hotspur.

Recognizing that such a move may be unprecedented, the board has taken into account the fact that it is unlikely that Clithero’s team will be able to train or play for the foreseeable future.

“He has no influence over David’s role as Clitheroe FC.

“We have an excellent club relationship with Marin, and their manager Neil Young has worked in the recent past with both David and with our football manager, Karl Garner.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for David personally and the board knows David will absolve himself and represent the club in the professional way he does everything.

“Finally, as a league, we are very proud of the show that Marin can now give to a wider audience of football quality at this level and we are very happy to play a small role in that.”

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