The Mandalorian has not yet finished in Fortnite

I am sending, The This two neighborsIf we take his real name, he will have a new mission in It is an electronic game. The saga revealed this in a small part Teaser You can watch the character from the Disney series as she watches her new role.

Epic wants to keep the secret of the new Mandalorian look in Battle royale. It would be very difficult to figure out a group of data mining workers behind the game code.

In fact, the new mission might relate to a leaked selection of the character a few days ago. Although there is no confirmation of any kind yet.

The Mandalorian presence in Fortnite was first introduced at the start of Season 5 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. After the stunning ending of the previous season, with TheGrefg recording one of his last recordings to Twitch, the Disney series has captured some of the limelight.

There we can see two neighbors. And of course my favorite character in the series, Baby Yoda, we already know –spoiler From season two– His real name: Grogu.

The Mandalorian is one of the most successful TV series in recent years. It belongs to the Star Wars universe, and is one of the first real-life action productions outside of galactic epic cinema.

Fortnite is a An amazing show For this type of production. Characters from DC, Marvel, and Star Wars themselves have appeared throughout Epic’s game life.

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