The Lula-Alcumen formula came out to defeat businessmen and trade unionists in Brazil

Lula da Silva and Geraldo Alcumen Make their first proposal public To win the October elections and end Jair Bolsonaro’s term. Ex-governor of Sao Paulo and current colleague of the former Brazilian president His team declared him “Brazil’s greatest leader” It also sent a clear message to the business sector.

ambush She promised to set up a negotiating table with businessmen and unionists If you win the election, initiative to raise wages. This initiative is part of a series of actions contemplated at the time of strengthening the alliance between Lola who was one of his strongest opponents for a long time, Gerald Alckmin.

It should be noted that Labor approves presidential formula for Lula and Alckmin last Wednesday. “Democracy or Fascism”exclaimed from the party founded by da Silva through an official statement.

“We will have to do a tax reform that takes into account that those who earn more should pay more. Reform does not allow someone to live with a salary of 3 or 4 thousand riyals (637 or 850 dollars)Lola warned when buying a product, pay the same amount as the head of the bank.

Along with Alkmene, most likely his running mate in October, Lula criticized the labor reform promoted by then-President Michel Temer in 2017, which, among other things, led to finding modalities for contracting work without the right to leave. It opened the doors to individual negotiations between workers and employers, which weakened the role of unions. For this reason, in a law with the main union centers in the central region of São Paulo, he committed to new, but unanimous, labor legislation.

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We want to contact the central unions and the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo (FIESP)]in Verapan (Brazilian Confederation of Banks) and we will not leave anyone out. We do not want to deprive the businessman, the banker, the merchant, the farmer of the right to speak. But they have to talk to the negotiating table where the workers are representing.”

Lula and Alkmene goal: beat Bolsonaro

The leadership of the Workers’ Party on Wednesday approved the presidential formula it will promote in the upcoming October elections: former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, the ex-governor of São Paulo and one of his loyal opponents during his presidency, Geraldo Alckmin.. In addition, he sealed the alliance with two minority left parties: the Communist Party of Brazil and the Green Party.

“This year’s presidential election will bring into conflict two very clear projects: democracy or fascism.”, argued the historic party that Lula founded in his manifesto. Lula and Alckmin aim to prevent incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro from being re-elected in October, and all polls allow them to be optimistic. However, the former president and ex-mining leader is trying to build as broad an ally as possible so as not to take risks and confront four other governments, characterized by neo-liberal economic policy and ultra-conservative social policy.

Bolsonaro rejected EU election observers

On Wednesday, Bolsonaro’s government rejected the possibility of the European Union sending electoral observers. Regarding a possible invitation to an EU missionThe Ministry states that it is not a tradition in Brazil for the assessment to be carried out by an international organization of which it is not part. The Brazilian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the European Union, unlike the Organization of American States and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, for example, does not send electoral missions to its member states.

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