The Legend of Zelda helped remove a large hacking community from the Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears Not only was it a success for Nintendo in terms of sales, but it had a very good side effect on the Japanese company, helping it in its efforts against emulation and piracy, by promoting the distraction of a very important community.

before its debut The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s TearsThere have been powerful leaks that have come to light thanks to subreddit NewYuzuPiracy, the Yuzu-focused community. In case you didn’t know, Yuzu is one of the main emulators that some gamers use to run the Nintendo Switch titles they own on their PC. However, there are other users who go the illegal route and play copies that they don’t buy, but download online.

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The Legend of Zelda The emulation and hacking community is over

NewYuzuPiracy has actually been up and running for over 3 years, but after leaks The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears The subreddit grew so large that it went from 37,000 members at the beginning of May to nearly 70,000 before closing on June 13, according to computer games.

After the leaks, users started taking advantage of the subreddit to share download links for illegal copies of the game, as well as files, mods, and even tips to improve the title’s performance on PC, and there was more traffic that apparently attracted interest.

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Subreddit members saw it coming and said it was only a matter of time. It is important to say that this is not the first time something similar has happened. In fact, NewYuzuPiracy was a group that formed after reddit shut down the original yuzupiracy subreddit.

It is not known if Nintendo had a role in this case and decided to take action after the leaks (something that has already happened) or if reddit acted on its own after seeing the growth and actions in the subreddit. What is clear is that leaks The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears It attracted attention, so it can be said that thanks to this game, one of the main hacking communities on Nintendo Switch was closed.

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