The Law and Justice Party began its rebellion against the new Tusk government at the gates of the Polish Parliament

Shortly before the start of the Parliament session of the Polish Parliament, former PiS MPs Mariusz Kaminski and Maciej Wasik this morning attempted to storm the Parliament headquarters, leading to a moment of confusion. The tension is already a symbol of the open confrontation between Donald Tusk's new government and the former PiS rulers, which is far from closed.

Accompanied by other PiS members, they appeared at the entrance and demanded access. They were informed that they could enter the House of Representatives gallery as long as they obtained the necessary permits from the former representatives and refused to comply with this procedure, before they attempted to storm the guard barrier, which led to skirmishes with the police and pushing and shoving. He hits. “They are deputies and they go to work.”This is what Law and Justice Party colleagues shouted, ignoring the fact that the records of their representatives were withdrawn after they were convicted in a corruption trial, and defending that they had obtained a pardon from the president, so This conviction cannot affect his parliamentary term. Among those present was PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński, who took advantage of the media focus to give a sort of impromptu press conference aimed at emphasizing that the “constitutional amendment” the new government was trying to implement “unavailable”.

Simon Holonia, Marshal of the House of Representatives, also hastily called a press conference to refocus the public's attention. “My feelings are focused on the fact that today we are issuing a good law,” he said about the project to expand assistance to Ukrainian citizens, which is the first to be addressed, adding, “I hope that we will issue some laws here, and decide the fate of some.” Laws and “Above all, let this TV series that we are watching end and of which not only parliamentarians are ashamed, but also Poles who hope that the Sejm will be a place for debate, and not a theater of political sabotage.”

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Hołownia lamented that “every series has the property that it always has its last episode, but it must also have its last season and in some ways I hope that this last season will come soon.” He defended himself against PiS's accusations, saying: “It never occurred to me in my life to deprive any MP, especially PiS MPs, of the right to exercise their mandates, because the marshal does not have that power.” What do the courts do when they decide on this matter? The former representatives responded defiantly: “Mr. Holonia, you will not rule forever; All these criminal acts that you are carrying out directly against us, but actually against democracy, will be brought to justice.

Except for this stage, the Polish Parliament has not yet been able to start its work. The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, in charge of one of the last institutions still in PiS hands, has refused to sign the public budgets for 2024. Instead of complying with this institutional procedure, he has sent them to the Constitutional Court, which is examining them, which could even lead to New elections. The Presidency expressed, in a statement, “doubts” about the validity of the procedure followed, due to “the inability of the representatives to Mariusz Kaminski And Maciej Wasik To participate” in the parliamentary vote that approved the budgets. The budgets of the new coalition government were approved by an absolute majority, so the two votes would not have changed the direction of the vote, but their paralysis opened a period of uncertainty in which the Constitutional Court, following the example of President Duda, will rule. For an indefinite period to study General budgets and their approval.

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