The Last Kingdom Season 5: Behind the scenes photos all hint at the plot

If you want to avoid the potential spoilers of Netflix’s fifth season of The Last Kingdom, you better go now. But if you are a freak like us, below are some pretty fun photos from filming the series.

Aside from the cast iron piece, details were scarce in the fifth season of the hit medieval drama series Netflix, The last kingdom, But there are now some of the first photos of the collection that leave fans with some questions.

Filming for The Last Kingdom on Netfix is ​​in progress at Blackhall Beach.

These pictures come from a session The last kingdom In Blackhall Beach, UK. Next, we see an interesting trio of characters. First, we have the wily Viking warlord Hastan (Jebe Beek Lorsen), along with Uttred’s cousin (Alexander Dreamon) and current lord Pipenberg Wittgar (Ossian Beret), and finally, Hilde (Eva Birthistle).

First of all, we have to say how wonderful the trio is The last kingdom. From Wihtgar’s plush new yarn to Haestan’s yellow-brown number, the outfits are stunning. But what could unite this seemingly random trio?

It is easy to explain Hestan and Witgar’s encounter. As enemies of Utrade, it only makes sense for the pair to unite. Fifth season of The last kingdom It is based on two of Bernard Cornwell’s novels Saxon stories: warriors of the storm and the bearer of flames. In the narration above, Haestan continues his streak of recording with any warlord who kisses him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least based on these photos.

You will notice in multiple pictures That Haestan is standing next to Heald, on the beach away from the Wihtgar forces. At first we saw Jealous men approaching Hilde and Haystan, so I think the meeting was a surprise. There also appears to be two boxes behind the pair, indicating a gift of some kind. Uhtred’s mod with cousin Wihtgar seemed a long way off, but we also didn’t target Hild and Haestan for a team.

Boxes and bags appear strewn around her. There’s also a shot of the crew throwing some debris in the waves. Maybe this hints at a shipwreck? Perhaps Hilde and Hastan sank together at the mercy of Whitters. Obviously, Hilde would never betray Uhtred, but that still doesn’t tell us why she sailed with Haestan in the first place.

It is also noted that Blackhall Beach was used in Season 4 of The last kingdom To film scenes in which the Scots were fighting the forces of Bebanburg. This, along with Wihtgar’s presence, indicates that we are looking at the same place.

Maybe the fans will come up with a better idea of ​​what’s going on The Last Kingdom Temporada 5. Either way, I hope filming ends soon, because we can all use some protective wall in our lives.

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