The Korean drama was filmed during Halloween night in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea

The Neighborhood Itaewon located in seoulSouth Korea is a tourist destination among foreigners who visit the country of South Korea and it is known as an international area or in other cases as a western city because people of all nationalities and with different sexual orientations can live together without prejudice.

Also, in 1997, became Itaewon In the top tourist area of ​​Seoul and within this area you can find restaurants from all over the world, thousands of foreigners have chosen to make this neighborhood their home due to its diversity and acceptance as nightlife also stands out within the district.

Due to its popularity and great tourist influence, Itaewon District It has become one of the favorite sites to record the already famous and recognized korean dramaAnd the Drama Or the Korean drama that has achieved international fame in recent years and invites tourists to visit South Korea.


Itaewon Class k drama It was recorded in the symbolic neighborhood of Itaewon, located in Seoul

This is the case Itaewon class starring actor Park Seo Joon and actress Kim Da Mi who bring life back Park Sae Roy s Joo Ye Seo Straight. korean drama based on webtoon Self-titled written by Gwang Jin and contains 16 episodes totaling about 70 minutes each.

Moreover , Audio recording By Itaewon Class has several collaborations, among them Gaho’s ‘Start Over’ and Gaho’s ‘Sweet Night’.It’s Kim Tae Hyung or F from group k pop BTS.

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However, this k drama It caused controversy in Korea due to the fact that social problems such as discrimination against people of color and the LGBT+ community are addressed, so characters with these characteristics are included.


On the other hand, this drama has resurfaced in the last hours thanks to its name associated with the human stampede that occurred during the celebration Halloween Carried out in the streets of Itaewon which led to tragedy.

So he started noticing that during the second episode of k drama Characters in the middle of the celebration Halloween It can be seen that the mentioned neighborhoods became one of the most crowded neighborhoods during that date.


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