The iPhone 16 will bring back one of Apple's most attractive designs in recent years: the return of the iPhone

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The iPhone 16 will bring back the iPhoneIt is one of Apple's most controversial designs in recent years. MacRumors reveal Makes It was created based on information obtained about the design of the upcoming iPhone, confirming that it will have a vertical photographic module.

The dual camera module will have a pill-shaped surface that will be slightly raised from the body of the smartphone. The design is almost identical to that of the iPhone It was introduced in 2017. In 2024, approximately seven years later, Apple will “revive” this design for its new iPhone.

The unit's pill-shaped bump houses both the main and ultra-wide-angle cameras, and each sensor has a separate ring that identifies it. The microphone is placed between the vertical lenses and outside the raised unit, directly on the body of the smartphone, is the flash.

If we compare the design to the current iPhone 15 and its square unit with rounded corners, the raised unit of the iPhone 16 becomes smaller, changes to a pill shape and removes the flash.

according to MacRumors, The vertical camera module is one aspect that has remained constant In the iPhone 16 models tested so far. Apple remained reluctant to change the position of the lenses and flash throughout the prototype process, even arriving at the model that is currently being tested, the media claims.

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Although it is clear that this is so Makes For iPhone 16 created based on non-final or official information, MacRumors Highlights that their designs are in keeping with Shared information for him Userfamous on the social network for its leaks, which also pointed out the vertical camera module in its diagrams.

MacRumors Highlights the obvious: Apple is drawing inspiration from previous models for the new iPhone 16Specifically the iPhone

The media also indicates that this arrangement is not a coincidence but will be emphasized Bringing spatial video recording to the base model of iPhoneThis function is now exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. Other details reported by the media are that iPhone 16 and 16 Plus will be available start buttonIt is also an exclusive feature for the larger models of the current generation, which are also represented by their models Makes. He also mentioned something new Capture button Pressure sensor built into the frame.

finally, MacRumors It specifies that although its information comes from a reliable source, and comes from new iPhones in pre-production, the design may not be implemented in the final iPhone 16 model that will be introduced in September. There are many months left for surprises from Apple.

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