The improvements are working and Fernando Alonso will be able to fight in the F1 Mexican Grand Prix

nobody said it was easy to improve Nails Improvements On weekends you only have one session to do this. That’s why, “in advance”, Updates to Aston Martin And it looks like they won’t work again.

So much so that even Fernando Alonso Mounted Previous configuration Before Sunday’s long race. However, the truth is that this time Yes they have improved The car is in Titlecorrect And the rhythm he showed Lance outing It is good evidence of this.

The Canadian pilot arrived in his new configuration Speedadvicehigher Possible in US GP (337 kilometers per hour), which is interview directly with problems From the maximum speed that these people were pulling from Lawrence since principle seasonal.

On the other hand, taking into account Rhythm by sectors During the race both Aston Martin It was found in First positions This has been proven in racing. There is no doubt that they are some Green shoots In the British team that makes you dream about it to forbid to Fernando Alonso On the top.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lance, not having the best moment of his career, managed to cut him off 1.9 seconds in ElevenTurns To the Asturian pilot in equality to conditions Before he resigned.

This is a fact that perfectly illustrates why these new improvements work, and when done right, Aston Martin works It could go back to the platform equation.

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