The importance of focusing on improving the quality of life of the elderly

“It’s a recognition of the teamwork that we do, that we are 15 peopleMost of them are our internists Two expert analgesics and three geriatricians. Last year we made it to the finals, and having won, it’s a great encouragement to keep going.” Antonio Nunez GarciaAnd the Head of the Department of Internal Medicine From Villalba University General HospitalAward-winning service BiC Award 2022.

“These systems simplify operations and we believe that being patient-facing is a good thing.”

Antonio Nunez GarciaChief of the Department of Internal Medicine at Villalba University General Hospital

“we’ve got A very advanced computer program that allow us to visualize medical examinations on a computer screen ”, explains Núñez García, who recalls that these new technologies also facilitate and favor the experience of patients, who can also view the results of the tests carried out on them from home at the Villalba Hospital.

These systems simplify operations and we think so Facing the patient is goodWe maintain an online dialogue with them that avoids necessary visits to the hospital, ”adds the head of the service.

improve patient life

The Internal Medicine Service Villalba places great emphasis on improving the lives of its patients, especially the elderly: “We have a project Reducing the number of hospital transfersexplains Nunez, who prides himself on the good communication his service maintains with hospices. She appreciates the importance of monitoring elderly patients where they live, whether at home or in the center.

The human team of the Internal Medicine Service at Villalba University General Hospital

Income dramatically changes people’s lives, especially the elderly, thanks Personal attentionHe noted that, at home or through new technologies, we can reduce the number of transfers and avoid long periods of stay.”

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The service is eminently dedicated to patient care, so, in the words of the head of the service, its “leg” will be research. “It’s something we’re focused on improving, and we have a low research profile, but that’s because we work day in and day out with the patient and We really love clinical practicehe explains.

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