The impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union on Andalusian olive oil

Andalusia merchandise exports to the UK have regained positive growth rates in 2021

Analysis of the “Brexit Monitoring Report in the Andalusian Economy”. / photo: 123rf

the United kingdom, One of the main markets for Andalusian exports, it is still under constant evaluation by Andalusian economic managers due to the impact of Brexit on its foreign trade. Quarterly for the Andalusian Council through the General Secretariat for the Economy, analyzes in «Monitoring Britain’s exit from the European Union in the Andalusian economy«, The status of Andalusia’s economic relations with the United Kingdom, and their current state.

the Export of Andalusian goods to the United Kingdom They regained positive growth rates in 2021 (16.7% year-on-year between January and October), despite a lower intensity than Andalusia’s total overseas sales (21.6%). In doing so, export levels recorded in the same period before the pandemic (2019) have recovered, although lower than those in the same months of the Brexit referendum year (2016).

in 2020, highlighted the increases in exports of agri-food products (7.7% year-on-year), especially berries, melons, garlic and eggplant, olive oil and tomatoes. Against this, sales of energy products to the UK fell significantly (-36.9%), in the context of lower oil prices on international markets (-35.9% YoY on average in 2020); semi-finished materials (-19.8%), mainly cement, concrete and artificial stone; And those of the automotive sector (-44.4%), especially gearboxes and their parts.

Between January and October 2021, different behavior of exports is observed by product. Most relevant, which accounts for nearly sixty percent (57.3%) of total exports, continued to be those of food, beverages and tobacco (€889.9 million), although down -3% year-on-year, which stands out, from One party, Reduce olive oil (-44.8%) and avocado (-48.2%), on the other hand increases strawberry (11.5%), wine (15.2%) and pepper (17.8%). Semi-finished manufactures came in second place (333.5 million euros), with an increase of 28.2%, especially cement, concrete or artificial stone (75.4%). In third place are sales of tanks and other armored vehicles, which amounted to 272.2 million euros in the period, accounting for 14.6% of total exports.

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Regarding the exporting companies, between 2016 and 2019 the number The number of Andalusian companies in the UK increased by 3.2%, seven times less than the growth in the total number of exporting companies in Andalusia (23.1%). In 2020 the number of Andalusian companies exporting to the UK grew 3.9%, While The total number of Andalusian companies exporting to the world decreased (-13%).

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