The House of Representatives is still without a president because of the battles between the Republicans

The House of Representatives began its second day in a row without a speaker or jurors on Wednesday, after the Republican majority failed to muster 218 votes to nominate Kevin McCarthy, the party’s leader in the House.

On reballots, McCarthy was unable to secure a majority of the vote. Once again, the more conservative members of the party withdrew their support and voted for other lawmakers. Conservative Texas legislator Chip Roy said at the hearing Wednesday: “Do you think the American people want us to continue down the path of what we’ve been doing? Do they want us to continue doing things as the leadership that is currently in place? Do you think they want us to continue Down this road? And the argument I would make is that they want a new face, a new vision, and a new leadership.”

Already on Tuesday, McCarthy had lost three consecutive votes amid a revolt by the more conservative members of his party: something not seen since 1923 in Congress.

McCarthy and his allies worked all night to persuade the dissenters. They also called former President Donald Trump, who endorsed him but kept silent on Tuesday. So he said on the Truth social network: “Republicans, don’t turn a great victory into a colossal, ignominious defeat. It’s time to celebrate, you deserve it. Kevin McCarthy is going to do a good job, maybe even a great job.”

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to view the crisis among House Republicans, with no intention of supporting them

McCarthy. It doesn’t look good for the nation, President Biden said, while former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told VOA: “I think respect for the establishment will come out of what’s going on, because at this point, that’s not a good picture on how to resolve differences.”

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Without a president, the House of Representatives cannot begin its legislative work, new legislators cannot be sworn in, congressional rules cannot be set, and two days later there is still no solution in sight. McCarthy does not want to back down at all, and neither do the conservatives. Other votes can be seen, while the Republicans continue to negotiate between parties to get out of this impasse.

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