The Haitian opposition insists on ending Ariel Henry’s term

The most recent was the case of the Union for Reconciliation and Reintegration Party, according to which the Prime Minister must leave power next February, in accordance with the government political agreement signed on December 21, 2021, which also encouraged the holding of general elections for all public offices. .

“We did not invent this history. We are not the only ones who see the end of this transformation. It is the end of the agreement. Whatever the reasons were for not achieving what was planned, they do not concern us.”

The journalist also noted that other platforms such as “Committed to Development,” founded by former Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister Claude Joseph, are also calling for Henry’s resignation “because he is not responsible enough to continue running Haiti.”

For his part, the Prime Minister did not respond to the opposition’s accusations, although allies such as the spokesman for the Democratic and Popular Sector, Andre Michel, stressed that there was no need for a new political agreement, but rather the union to organize the elections. Handing over power to representatives chosen by the people.

Moreover, Henry appears to still have the support of the international community, especially after agreeing in October to deploy a security support mission that could be led by Kenya and which should assist the police in the fight against gangs. Thousands of deaths and kidnappings so far this year.

In her personal capacity, the head of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti, Maria Isabel Salvador, confirmed on social media that “we will not abandon a transitional phase for the sake of a new transitional phase,” in reference to the opposition’s request.

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El Salvador once again called for democratic, transparent and participatory elections to renew political staff, and noted that to achieve votes, security must first be guaranteed.

For its part, the Montana Accord, which for several months constituted the strongest and most organized opposition to the government, encouraged the formation of a transitional council with the constitutional powers of the presidency, the election of a new prime minister, and the formation of a comprehensive, non-partisan council. Executive, for government unity and rescue, in addition to a state supervisory body.

The last elections were held in Haiti in 2016, and after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July 2021, the constitutional vacuum was strengthened, while Parliament has suffered from dysfunction since 2020.


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