The H-1B visa program and how to prepare for the interview

The H-1B visa program was created with the goal of American businesspeople embedding foreign workers in specialized jobs in technology, engineering, and medicine.
This program awards annual passes for a maximum of three years. However, it must be extended by the rules set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

In this regard, USCIS has announced a second visa lottery with a random selection of H-1B visa applications. Those selected in the drawing held in March will be added, in this way they will complete the legal maximum number of visas for 2024.

It is important for those who are selected to know that their USCIS account will be updated with the notification of selection. This includes details of how and when to submit them.

So far there is not much information about it. But one thing is certain: H-1B visas will be granted for fiscal year 2024 starting October 1.

Interview details…

The last step to obtaining an H-1B visa is the interview. In it, the applicant must answer personal questions about their qualifications and the company to which they will be hired.

Although it is a simple questionnaire, the interested party must convince the official of his talent and willingness to work in the company that sponsors him. But in case the person is not able to attend the appointment, he must notify him in advance so that the embassy can reschedule the appointment.

Preparation will be a major factor in any question that may be asked. It is important that the reasons for wanting to migrate and future plans are clear after the end of the authorized period.

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In addition, when meeting with a US Embassy official, copies of supporting documents must be provided. This includes approval of Form I-129.

Then start some questions about personal issues, qualifications and the background of the company that will hire you.

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