The Guatemalan National Union supports voting for Palestine in the United Nations

In a statement, in response to a position it considered to be of local and international importance, the group stressed the interests of the Palestinian people and their sovereign rights, such as their ability to use their rights to their lands and territories with complete freedom. And sovereignty.

He added: “In addition to settling on the position of globally accepted principles, it constitutes a protective position to confirm the priority of sovereignty, self-determination, and non-alignment in the face of the dominant unipolar power blocs at this historical moment.”

This, and the historical strength of the left in this nation added in the text, implicitly corrects previous positions on the same issue, for which he congratulated the current administration and expressed his solidarity with it. He pointed out that voting implies commitment to the position contained in the principle of respect and solidarity among the peoples of the world, as a starting point for peaceful coexistence under conditions of equal rights.

He noted that the backlash is occurring “as expected” from the Guatemalan economic powerhouse and political groups that have held the highest national office at least from 1994 until now.

The same people who, to impose their interests and privileges, have relied on the unconditional support of the various Israeli governments throughout this time, explained the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Union.

Thus, it expanded into providing direct advice and support to implement, design and implement repression against people as a state policy, which has reached criminal extremes such as genocide.

He warned that these political parties classify voting in favor of the sovereign rights of the Palestinian people as a betrayal of Israel, and among them are mainly those who were in government during the last four presidential terms.

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He pointed out that corruption in the public and private sectors has reached known extremes, “which are being used today to the fullest such that, with the judicial system completely overwhelmed, they are deepening the ungovernability of Guatemala and then regaining full control of the country.” I finish.

The groups Vamos, Uniesta, Nuestros, Azul and Todos had previously announced that they would initiate a political trial against Foreign Minister Carlos Ramiro Martinez to explain the external direction of the executive branch and the reasons that led to the adoption of this position in the United Nations.

Last Friday, in the General Assembly, out of the 193 member states, 143 supported the inclusion of Palestine with full rights.

Nine countries voted against the resolution, including the United States, Israel, Argentina, Hungary and the Czech Republic, and 25 countries abstained from voting.


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