The Guatemalan Congress prepares a formal session for the new board of directors

As directed by legislative protocol, the formal session will be on the 14th day of the swearing-in and swearing-in of Shirley Rivera as president for the second time in a row, the preferred candidate of the ruling party Vamos to end her term in government.

He will be accompanied in administration duties as First, Second and Third Vice President by Representatives Boris Spain, Sergio Arana and Heber Padilla, respectively.

Likewise, Maynor Mejia, Marvin Alvarado, Douglas Rivero, Anibal Rojas and Leopoldo Salazar will occupy the five secretariats.

The list was proposed on 19 October by Spain and received 115 votes in favor and 28 against.

Rivera, Mejia, Alvarado, and Rojas all achieved re-election at that time.

On Saturday itself, President Alejandro Giamatti is expected to present his annual government report, in the midst of an election year.

Jaroslav Alboriz, who is responsible for directing the Congress protocol, informed that invitations have already been sent to the Head of State and the Vice President as well as to ministers, presidential secretaries, senior officials and judges of the Supreme Court of Justice and Constitutional and the Supreme Court of Elections.

As well as to the various heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in the country.

The Legislative Palace will take the biosecurity measures put in place by the Ministry of Health for Covid-19.

Alboriz explained that the official session can be watched by residents through the official programs of Congress.

Likewise, parallel coordination and contacts have already been implemented with the Secretariat of Administrative and Security Affairs, the Transport and Urban Transit Regulatory Authority and the National Civil Police to protect legislative buildings from possible social protests.

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