The Group of Seven intends to resume the agenda to combat global warming.

Some environmental groups were not affected. Greenpeace UK said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the host of the G7, had “simply re-delivered old promises” and would not take “anything for granted” until countries provided the money.

“Protecting our planet is the most important thing we can do as leaders for our people,” Johnson said in a statement.

“As democracies, it is our responsibility to help developing countries reap the fruits of clean growth through a fair and transparent system. The G7 has an unprecedented opportunity to drive the global green industrial revolution, with the potential to change the way we live,” he added.

He did not give details or figures on the new commitments.

Developed nations agreed at the United Nations in 2009 to contribute $100 billion each year by 2020 to financing the poorest countries, many of which are suffering from rising seas, storms and droughts exacerbated by climate change.

That goal has not been met, swayed in part by the coronavirus pandemic that has forced the British government to postpone the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) until this year.

G7 leaders will also put in place measures to reduce carbon emissions, including measures such as ending most direct government subsidies for the overseas fossil fuel energy sector and phasing out gasoline and diesel cars.

British naturalist David Attenborough, advocate for people at COP26, said, “Today’s natural world is greatly diminished. This is undeniable. Our climate is rising rapidly. This is beyond doubt. Our societies and nations are unequal, and unfortunately it is clear.” He will address the G7 leaders via video message on Sunday.

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The question for 2021, Attenborough added, is whether the world is on the verge of destabilizing the planet. “If so, then the decisions we make in this decade, particularly the decisions made by the most economically advanced nations, are the most important in human history.”

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