The Greek Zorba: The most famous Greek character in cinema, played by a Mexican

The final scene of the movie “Greek Zorba”

Another tour (pressure, 2020) latest Academy Award winning film for Best Foreign Film with Amazing Final Dance. The moviegoers could not help but see in this vent the echoes of one of the most memorable dances in history, the one that appeared at the end of Greek zorba (1964). In this unforgettable scene Anthony Quinn s Alan Bates They danced on the beach is one of the dances that is today considered synonymous with Greece, at least in cinema. We’ve also seen it conjured up in the movie Heaven’s ashes (1997) Where Hector Trio He danced this dance with his children, known as Sirtaki. But contrary to what many believe, the dance is not traditional, but rather created by Giorgos Provias About the movie. Music Mickes Theodorakis It was the final touch that made the entire collection immortal. It is inspired by other dances, but there was no such dance in Greece until the movie premiered.

Greek zorba It is not an entirely Greek movie but it is not a fully Hollywood movie either. It is a joint production of Greece and the United States, directed by Michael Cakoyannis, Based on the Greek author’s book “The Life and Adventures of Alexis Zorbas” Nikos Kazantzakis, Published in 1946. It is distributed by 20th Century Fox and produced Michael Cakoyannis s Anthony Quinn, The film hero. Perhaps the mixture of cultures is the secret of its success. It contains Hollywood ingredients and at the same time an authentic Greek look.

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The film follows Basil (Alan Bates), a British-Greek writer who grew up in the UK, arriving at a port in Athens to take a ship to Crete. In the rain appears Zorba (Anthony Quinn), a primitive and friendly peasant, a trickster who is also a musician. Basil explains to Zorba that he is going to a rural village, where his father owns some land, in order to reopen an abandoned mine. Zorba convinces Basil to go together, promising to help him with his project and to be in contact with the locals. The film was shot in real locations and the residents themselves either added or played supporting roles, giving the group great originality.

Anthony Quinn in “Zorba the Greek”

The film, at the time of its premiere, caused a worldwide sensation. Even though Anthony Quinn was a superstar with a huge previous career – he’d even won two Oscars – but this movie will be the most recognizable in his entire career. Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca (Some sources add Manuel in the introduction) He was born in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1915. However, Quinn has forever associated with Greek culture. After success Zorba The actor continued to play the Greeks. In 1978 he starred Greek merchantWhere he played the role of a millionaire inspired by Aristotle Onassis. And in 1988 he participated in Onassis: The Richest Man in the World in a role Socrates Onassis, Father of Aristotle. No Hollywood star or other international star has been more attached to the image of Greece in cinema than this Mexican actor.

But I don’t think Greece can offend this Mexican who became the most famous Greek. Dancing, a mixture of styles, has become the motto of that country and tourists from all over the world strive to imitate it, even today. It was cited in countless films and TV shows and even in the twenty-first century the story continued to appear on stage, even in Argentina, where the film was a success at that time, as well as the theatricality, which in 2003 was explained Raul Lavi.

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Greek zorba It is another test of the film’s strength and a good actor. The cinema creates a movie full of tragic elements and ends with a dance that surpasses even the fame of the feature film. Undoubtedly, most of the dancers of the sirtaki have not seen the film, the only thing they may know is its final scene. If it weren’t for this charismatic actor and without the music accompanying the dance, it wouldn’t have happened. Zorba, the Greek made that possible.

"Greek zorba"
Greek zorba

Tragic and heartbreaking, the story is devastating. The two actresses, Irene Papas s Layla Kidrova, Also had their biggest hits in this movie, as everyone has room to shine in the final scenes. Little by little the intensity of the movie is unleashed in a quadruple that is not a classic. But in the middle of the film, Zorba, whose name means “who lives every day,” tells Basil of his view on the existence and meaning of dance. It is the announcement of the famous ending. Both men dance to Sirtaki, the dance that Giorgos Provias created for the film. The music of Mickes Theodorakis was the main final touch. Just two minutes, she returned to the immortal movie.

The movie is available on QubitTV.

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