The great concern of 70% of Spaniards is about their retirement

70% of Spaniards admit that they are worried about not being able to afford a comfortable retirement, eight points more than the European average (62%), according to ‘IEuropean Consumer Payments Reportfrom Intrum.

According to the study, Spain It is among the ten countries most worried about their retirement, in a list headed by Portugal (79%), and above France (60%), Germany (58%), the United Kingdom (57%) and Italy (55%).

The report conducted by Intrum reveals that 73% of those surveyed in Spain fear that economic inflation Reduce your cash savings, a response rate two points above the European average (71%).

economic inflation

In recent months, the general increase in the prices It also led to an increase in the cost of daily life, which, on many occasions, has led to greater financial pressures on citizens,” the study notes.

In this sense, more than half (51%) of those surveyed in Spain indicate that worry The increasing cost of bills is causing you a negative impact on your financial well-being. This percentage is 10 points higher than that recorded in 2021, which reflects that residents are more and more interested in this aspect.

However, the percentage of Spanish is seven points lower than the European average (58%). The report notes that of the 24 countries analyzed, Greece (78%), Latvia (71%), Portugal and Poland (70%) rank as those that most of the population is interested in. By contrast, Norway (47%), Denmark (46%), the Netherlands and Switzerland (45%) are on the other extreme.

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