The government lodged a complaint with Uruguay for its cooperation with a UK aircraft that supplied the Malvinas Islands military base.

The Government Argentine Procedure One day Complaint Official In view of Uruguay by To cooperate With Airport army United kingdom So strategic transportation Supplied The Military base Of occupation Falkland Islands He stopped in Montevideo for a stopover. This situation has been repeated in recent years under the pretext of “humanitarian aid”.

According to Telam, after confirmation from official sources, the Executive Authority referred the complaint to him through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the cooperation of the British occupation forces in the islands. The Airbus A330 MRTT, abbreviated in English as “multi-purpose transport / carrier,” took off from Malvinas and flew over international waters to Montevideo.

There is a pause to compensate himself with his return, and in this way he undertook a practice that contradicts the agreements that Argentina reached with its neighboring countries, whereby the British occupation assistance is limited to “humanitarian issues”. The Airbus A330 MRTT is an airlift refueling tanker based on the Airbus A330-200 passenger transport model.

These aircraft are necessary to continue the operation in the Falkland Islands for the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter squadron, which protects the British base by increasing its range through refueling, as well as to maintain the airlift that provides the logistical needs of the garrison it occupies. Territory more than 12,000 km from London.

In July last year, the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the military exercises in the Falkland Islands in which the patrol ship HMS Forth, the British Infantry Company A and the A400M aircraft, along with the Typhoons, took part in RAF flight 1435. “The spread of part of the illegal occupation of the United Kingdom.”

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