The government has confirmed that there will be a bonus for retirees from ANSES

He stressed, in this context, that “work is underway on the matter,” and stressed: “There will be a reward, details and an amount that we will know when the minister finishes determining it.”

Meanwhile, he confirmed that the government will “send the multi-year plan before the end of the year” to Congress, and next week approved the start of discussion of the 2021 budget draft in Parliament.

“On Monday, Minister Guzmán will attend the budget committee as he does every year and hopefully he will vote on the budget next week, and from there, the minister will also have to present the multi-year plan soon,” Cerruti said.

On the other hand, on the progress of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, the spokesperson said that the government is “going through the steps that must be taken” in order to “continue to move forward with confidence towards what Argentina wants”, and that this agreement “does not affect growth”.

The spokeswoman noted that the government is seeking this agreement to allow the country to “grow”, and for Argentines to “improve their quality of life” and “face international compliance.”

“These steps are being taken, and they are part of the negotiations and talks that the technical teams are having in the United States and Secretary Guzmán is watching and taking responsibility for those negotiations and this agreement,” he said.

In addition, he stated that yesterday President Fernandez “re-established at a very important summit, at a very important summit, Argentina’s position with regard to the IMF”, meaning that “the only way to advance and grow is through coordinated development”.

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Cerruti insisted that “steps are being taken in the sense that the world recognizes that not only Argentina but middle-income countries need international economic relations to be more just and equitable.”

On the other hand, regarding the UK government’s offer to carry out humanitarian flights to Malvinas residents who wish to visit their relatives during the end-of-year holiday, the official said: “The Argentine government has offered on humanitarian grounds that they may relay the flights so that those who need them can take holidays with their families and no kind of conditions have been set in this regard.”

Prior to Talam’s inquiry, he indicated that he was “awaiting a response from the British Chancellery, and although there were some reports in the newspapers, no official response came to the Chancellery.”

“We are still waiting for a response,” he said of the Argentine offer by which the government seeks to move forward with the resumption of negotiations on sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, usurped by the United Kingdom in 1883.

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