The glorious history of Pele in the World Cup

The character of Edson Arantes do Nascimento has transcended time, history and borders. Perhaps many people do not recognize him by his first name; However, there will not be a single person in the world who does not know who they are talking about when they talk pellet. Much of his recognition and legacy stems from his performances in the cups of Globalism. Next, a historical review of the Brazilian star’s participation in the most important Nations Championship on the planet.

History It starts with a promise. After seeing his father break down crying over Maracanazo Pele suffered in 1950 at the hands of Uruguay, and João Ramos do Nascimento promised he would be world champion with Brazil. From that moment on, one of football’s greatest legends began to take shape.

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Sweden 1958

Eight years later and only 16 years left, from the player Belmero Villa Saints He played his first World Cup. As a warning of what would be his career, Pele shone in Sweden where he contributed in the group stage, a goal in the quarter-final against Wales, Hat trick In the semi-finals against France and finally, A.J doublet In the final, Brazil beat Sweden 5-2 and became world champions for the first time.

Chile 1962

On Andean soil, the Brazilian superstar transformed The second goal From a 2-0 victory for Carioca Mexico. However, the injury kept him out of the rest of the World Cup, which became Brazil’s second showing.

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Video: FIFA’s incredible tribute to Pele on the streets of Qatar

England 1966

At this point, Edson Arantes was unanimously considered the best player in the world, and he backed him up at the World Cup finals. However, he did not have a good experience in the UK. Although setting a file winning goal On Bulgaria in the first match of the group stage, he received kicks and he had to save them. In fact, the Canarinha coach left him on the bench for the second match with Hungary and finally, in the match against Portugal where it was decided who qualified for the final stage, Pele was again injured due to the excessive number of fouls committed. Toward. This is the The first and only time Brazil was eliminated in the group stage of the World Cup.

Mexico 1970

On Aztec land, the Brazilian star would be his The last dance with the World Cup. And the most beautiful music appeared in the Mexican stadiums every time the “Jojo Bonito” team was present. In his debut against Czechoslovakia he scored a goal and in the final of the groups with Romania he scored a brace. In the final match against Italy, he was in charge of Open the dialer From a title dispute that ended with a 4-1 defeat for the team, which is still considered the best in history.

Pele is the only player to win Three World Cupsand at the same time he is the youngest to do so.

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