The global expansion of tennis seems unstoppable

Play Tommy., the leading platform for tennis court bookings, was introduced today Padel Global Report 2023And Prepared by Monitor Deloittethe strategic consulting division of a professional services company, where Analyzes the growth and future of tennis and its global expansion. The data analyzes player behavior while highlighting how a global, social and inclusive sport has become.

According to what was stated in the report The significant increase in racquet sports stands out, with an estimated value of around 2,000 million euros. Playgrounds increased by 28% (8,200) in 2022, while clubs increased by 24% (1,914) over the same period. Spain continues to lead as the country with the largest number of tracks built (15,300), followed by Italy (6,470) and Sweden (4,200). In 2022, 6,600 tennis courts will be built in Europe.

According to the report, andIn the coming years, a significant increase is expected in areas where paddle tennis is still in its infancy, such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, United States (which this year held a competition for professional clubs across the country), Asia, Which highlights the potential for global expansion. The data indicates a forecast for the year 2026 predicts that there will be about 85,000 tennis courts around the world, almost more than double the current number of 40,000.

Not only does Padel stand out from the competition, but it also shines a spotlight The ability to encourage social interaction and be a training exercise for players of all ages. Miguel Medina, who was president of the Spanish Paddle Federation for 16 years, used to say that the great success “was that it put women over 40 who had not competed until that age into playing the sport.” Padel players are Bedouin inclinations, practicing this sport in several places, which Fosters a dynamic and close-knit community, major motivators for players.

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by Elena MartinSenior Manager at Monitor DeloitteAnd “This report, which has become a benchmark for the sector, highlights once again the continuous growth of this sport among fans and the interest of investors to contribute to its development, especially with regard to building tracks and establishing clubs.

On the other hand, the WPT professional circuit has so far been an important vehicle for promoting a sport that currently has at least three professional circuits, with notable prizes in the Premier Padel which returns to Madrid for the second time in July, and the A-1, which is practiced internationally. Entry into the European Games is another accolade for COE being recognized.

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