The founder of Incasur is known as a token student at the Cusco School of Science

In honor of his celebrated career as a Peruvian businessman, the National College of Sciences of Cusco honored Teodoro Ortiz Tucre, founder of Incasur, as one of its most famous students.

This medal was awarded in the middle of a ceremony in which the Congress of the Republic presented the banner of peace and democracy to this important educational institution.

The main courtyard of the legislature served as the venue for this activity, which was attended by a delegation composed of students and teachers from the aforementioned Cusco School. Notable alumni also attended, including Mr. Ortiz Tucre, known as the “Mr. Quinoa.”

Teodoro Ortiz is a visionary Peruvian businessman who has managed to turn economic challenges into successful opportunities through his dedication and business vision. Its history is a testament not only to triumph in the business world, but also to a deep commitment to enhancing the value of Peruvian products.

In 1971, he founded Molino Antonio Ortiz EIR L, which was initially dedicated to selling ground wheat, washed quinoa and wheat flour. Over time, the company evolved into Industrias Alimenticias Cusco SA (Incasur), specializing in the production of packaged foods derived from Andean grains such as quinoa, quiocha, canihua and cacao.

The company is currently strengthening its presence in countries such as the United States, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan and South Korea, as well as in countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala.

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