The formal convention was held in Jovellanos

In the presence of the main authorities of the province and territory and local figures, the official Municipal Council of People’s Power was held on September 13 in jovellanus, To celebrate the 153rd anniversary of the name change from Pemba to the current name, in honor of the philosopher, dramatic author, jurist, critic and father of the Spanish homeland, Don Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos of Gijon.

On behalf of the people, personalities and delegates were honored, especially the athletes who represented us in Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023.

In the voice of Alicia González Domínguez, a prominent researcher from Jovellanos and winner of the Jovellanos Forum Foundation for the Principality of Asturias, fragments of her unpublished stories were heard that include the reasons that led to the change of name of this central municipality of Matanzas, which is currently distinguished by its high cultural, natural and historical values.

With the help of González Domínguez herself, an electoral ballot paper printed more than a century ago was donated to the Museo Casa Natal de Domingo Mujica, and the journalist, writer and advocate of decimalism and improvised poetry Lianet Fundora Armas was given to her an original photograph compiling the image of the Napuri Indian.

Edgar Ferreira Correa, First Secretary of the Party’s Municipal Committee, conveyed his congratulations to the people and urged them to continue working to achieve the real transformation required.

At the end of the event, a ceremony was held in which the priority was the defense of indigenous Cuban traditions. (Machine)

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