The fishing agreement with the United Kingdom will allow the European Union to catch 388 thousand tons of fish in 2024

An agreement reached by the European Union and the United Kingdom on 2024 fishing opportunities in shared waters of the Atlantic Ocean will allow the Community Club’s fleet to catch nearly 388,000 tonnes of fish next year, according to the European Commission (EC). ).).

Brussels specifies in a statement that the agreement with London covers 85 total permitted catches (TAC) in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean, that is, 85 maximum quantities of fish from specific areas that can be caught.

According to the Community’s Executive Director, “The approximately 388,000 tonnes of fish that the Community’s fleet will be able to catch as a result of the agreement with London will have an estimated value of €1,000 million, at historical wholesale prices adjusted for inflation.”

The agreement was reached within the framework of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom, which regulates the relationship between the two parties after Britain’s exit from the European Union.

The negotiations were guided by the best available scientific advice on the state of fish stocks. The European Commission explains that social and economic considerations were also taken into account to avoid bottlenecks that could lead to the early closure of some fisheries.

In addition, the European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom have reached a tripartite agreement on fishing opportunities for shared fish stocks in the North Sea by 2024.

This agreement sets the total allowable catch at 915,000 tons, which covers the EU quota of about 415,000 tons of cod, haddock, pecans, myelin, plaice and herring.

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Similarly, the European Union and Norway concluded bilateral consultations on shared stocks in the North Sea and Skagerrak Strait, and on quota sharing.

The Commission notes that the European Union will be able to catch 9,983 tons of Arctic cod in 2024, while transporting 48,000 tons of blue mele to Norway.

Likewise, the EU will be able to catch up to 15,107 tonnes of Atlantic-Scandinavian herring in Norwegian waters, while the Nordic country will have access to EU waters to catch 150,000 tonnes of blue mele.

These agreements with third countries will be integrated into the agreement that EU Fisheries Ministers are now negotiating to establish fishing opportunities in the Community Club’s waters during 2024.

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