The first real images of Lenovo's transparent laptop

Lenovo showed us a prototype of a transparent laptop at MWC 2024 and the truth is that it looks amazing

This is what Lenovo's first fully transparent laptop looks like / Photography: Christian Collado

Lenovo went all out at the Mobile World Congress 2024 being held in Barcelona, ​​because in addition to showing off a foldable Motorola smartphone that can be bent to fit our wrist, it also allowed us to see… Completely transparent laptop.

the next, We show you the full design of the Lenovo transparent laptopa device that can mark before and after in the computer hardware sector.

A first look at Lenovo's transparent laptop

On our recent visit to Lenovo's booth at MWC 2024, we were able to see a prototype of its first transparent laptop, A revolutionary computer that you can see in great detailIn the pictures we leave you below these lines.

As you can see in these images, the leaks about this innovative device have been confirmed, as we are looking at a committed laptop 17.4-inch fully transparent Micro OLED display Which has a maximum brightness of 3000 nits and is surrounded by an opaque frame with almost no bezels. Thickness is only 3.98 mm.

Likewise, this computer has a bottom cover that consists of a transparent screen that integrates a practical touchpad that allows you to do so Both using virtual keyboard and pen handlingwhich is really useful for use with image editing applications, and for an opaque window in it The ports of this transparent laptop are there.

Moreover, between the screen and the bottom touchpad of this laptop we find a transparent display An opaque “chin” on which the main components of this computer are located.

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Just like with Motorola's foldable mobile phone, this transparent laptop from Lenovo is just a prototype, so we'll have to wait and see. Check if this technology will be implemented in a real device.

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