The first Nintendo Direct of 2024 is now official and will last 25 minutes. What can we expect from the Switch Partner Showcase

A Nintendo event will line up the Switch calendar that has joys left to offer

Nintendo continues the policy of releasing one or two of its own games on Switch every month, which is something no manufacturer can afford, but the reality is that we are on the eve of its seventh anniversary and its 2024 catalog contains a lot of empty space. The good news is that it has already been announced Nintendo Direct: Partners Offer He'll cure it almost imminently.

Officially, Big N has announced it On February 21 at 3:00 pm. (Spanish time) A new event lasting approximately 25 minutes will be published on your channels and accounts, focusing on the releases that will arrive throughout. First half of 2024. The not so good news is that there will be no news from their own studies.

As its name suggests, the Nintendo Direct: Partners Offer Its content will focus on third-party titles, which includes developers and publishers outside of Nintendo itself. Although it has not been confirmed, it is impossible not to remember that just a few days ago, Xbox announced the arrival of four of its games on new platforms.

We know that titles like these promising ones will be released between now and June Unicorn overlord And Euden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroesa reunion with Braid , an anniversary edition, plus a MLB Show 24 Developed by PlayStation Studios, it will be available on the online store in exactly one month. In fact, on paper, Hollow Knight: Silksong should be released this year as well. Another thing is that it appears at a digital event.

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The Nintendo Direct announcement continues Nintendo's tradition of waiting until the following Monday after its last major release (in this case Mario vs Donkey Kong) to talk about future Switch content. Of course, it's worth noting that there are still three titles that will be released (that we know of) throughout 2024: Princess Peach: Showtime! Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Which will arrive in the summer along with an undated Paper Mario: The Millennial Door.

However, 25 minutes is enough for powerful announcements and surprises from third parties. Whether that's custom conversions, brand new games, or dates for promised titles. Because the Nintendo Switch will celebrate its birthday on March 3 and it is undeniable that its release schedule needs an extra push. Or four. Will Microsoft give it to them? We will know very soon.

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