The finance minister said with Truss that he warned her economic plan would take her out of Downing Street

Madrid, November 11 (European press) –

Kwasi Quarting, Britain’s chancellor during Liz Truss’ brief tenure, admitted that he had warned the prime minister that her highly criticized economic and financial plan, which she had to back off, would get her out of Downing Street in “three or four weeks…

Kwarteng was fired in mid-September just a week after taking office after both markets and members of the Conservative Party himself questioned his proposal for tax reform, an episode that finally made Truss herself step up six weeks into her premiership.

Now the former finance minister gave an interview to Britain’s TalkTV in which he admitted that until then he had warned Truss that he should “slow down” on his economic and financial presentation, and warned him that his dismissal was “crazy”, bringing the BBC together.

According to Quarting, after warning the “prime minister” that the economic proposals would end up taking her out of 10 Downing Street, she replied that was what she should do because she only had a mandate for two years before the UK went to court. Opinion polls in January 2025 at the latest.

“I think the prime minister was of the opinion that we needed to get things moving quickly. But I think it was very fast,” admitted Courting, a political ally and personal friend of Truss, who noted that he learned of his dismissal on Twitter while heading to Downing Street after being summoned by the president the government.

This interview was heavily criticized by Shadow Treasury Secretary, Labor Rachel Reeves, who called Courting’s “audacity” a “shameful” for making the remarks after the “economy collapsed” with a tax proposal that “caused incalculable harm to people”.

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