The fan theory in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fan to the Bandai Namco Actor as the Next Fighter

New fan theory for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate On the Nintendo Switch he refers to a Bandai Namco rep for the game. With the launch of Sephiroth last month, three fighters for Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2 DLC. It looks likely that these releases will go viral over the next year, which means that the next Smash fighter must be launched sometime in March or April to really deploy. Some stickers are on Crushed plates They indicated that this is when Bandai Namco will be staging Tales of the Festival, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the RPG franchise.

While this link alone may not mean much, there are many reasons why a Bandai Namco actor doesn’t seem out of the box. After all, the company is responsible for development Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So far, third-party publishers appear to have limited to a maximum of three fighters; Konami, Capcom, and Square Enix have three each. In comparison, Bandai Namco has only one fighter: Pac-Man.

As far as potential actors go, Tales SymphoniaLloyd Irving appears to be an obvious possibility. The game was released on GameCube in 2003, and the character appeared later Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / 3DS As a leather Mii Fighter. Notably, this skin was not supplied in Final, As of this writing. Lloyd will not be the first Mii fighter to receive an upgrade to full fighter mode; King K. Rool made its debut as a Mii Fighter skin before receiving an update in Final.

Of course, as with all fan theories, readers must take them with a giant grain of salt. Fans have time and time again seen their theories exposed By Nintendo and director Masahiro Sakurai, who have made it difficult to make strong predictions. Lloyd Irving likely won’t appear in the game as a fighter, and his complexion will return at some point in the future. Just as Geno’s Mii Fighter leather inevitably returned. For now, fans will have to wait and see what Nintendo sleeves have!

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Super Smash Bros. Final Available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can check all our previous coverage of the game Here.

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