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Famous Slot”Spanku (@Spanku_u)Make sure the manga is written and illustrated by Yukinobu TatsuoAnd the dandanIt will have an anime adaptation. The leak is awaiting official confirmation, and it did not reveal production details or a scheduled release date.

Yukinobu Tatsuo Publishing manga through digital service has begun Shōnen Jump Plus from the publisher Shueisha In April 2021. Tatsu is also the author of other serial works such as Seigi no Rokugou s Fireball!as well as single shots like Yamada Kiki Ibatsu in 2019 and Renai Saibaihou in 2015.

Dandan Summary

After being strongly rejected, Momo Ayas finds herself angry when she bumps into a boy who is being bullied. A boy obsessed with magic tries to talk to her about supernatural interests he thinks they share, after saving her from her reckless kindness. Ayase rejected his claims, declaring that she is instead a believer in ghosts, sparking an argument between the two over which one is real. In a gamble to determine who is right, the two decide to visit places related to astrology and the supernatural: he visits the first Ayase and the second boy.

When the two reached their own place, it turned out that neither of them was wrong and that both occultism and occultism exist. This marks the beginning of the adventure of Ayase and the boy, who shares the name with Ayase’s favorite idol, Ken Takakura, as they attempt to reform the sci-fi and supernatural elements around them to return to normalcy.

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