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The Faculty of Medicine trains physicians and health professionals with a great sense of humanity and social commitment. For this reason, “we are in the process of solving all the infrastructure and equipment needs for the training of these specialists”, stressed Rector María Lilia Cedillo Ramírez, after listening to the second work report of the Director of this academic unit, Luis Guillermo Vasquez. De Lara Cisneros.

In this sense, he reported that the physical construction of the new building of the Faculty of Medicine, located at 11 South, between 47 and 49 West, which will focus on simulating medical practice, has been completed. Regarding his equipment, he was confident of achieving it this year.

“We will make a big commitment so that it can be equipped this year, which will require between 70 and 100 million pesos; we will make it together with the state government and with all of you, so that this building can accommodate students and pay for their training.”

The Rector of BUAP recognized the work of teachers, principals and administrators: “One of the noblest tasks is to work for health and this faculty contributes to its preservation, but also to its restoration. In every hospital in the state there is at least one graduate who works to improve the health of the population of Puebla and the population of neighboring countries, With great warmth and human feeling; that’s what the teachers planted in them.”

Having pledged to continue contributing to the continuous improvement of the Faculty of Medicine, he affirmed: “We will work so that there are fewer problems to solve every day and more achievements. My appreciation to the research professors who are doing their best in training students in the various programs; successful programs that fill us with pride.”

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For his part, when presenting his second work report, Luis Guillermo Vazquez de Lara Cisneros highlighted the interest of students in academic programs in the field of health, with a total enrollment in the medical, biomedical, physiotherapy and clinical specialties of 7755. Nutrition and forensic sciences, as well as associate professional in Imaging and Associate Professional in Emergencies Medical. In graduate studies, there are a total of 1,920.

He highlighted the processes of diversifying ownership mechanisms, the face-to-face virtual teaching process, and enhancing education with digital resources, courses and practices in cooperation with health institutions in the country, such as IMSS and ISSSTE.

Referring to the quality of its academic staff, he explained that they have 45 professors with a doctorate degree, 136 professors with a master’s degree, 88 in specializations, 23 professors with a bachelor’s degree, and one technician. In total, there are 293 teachers, of which 157 are final teachers and 136 are term teachers. Thus, he also declared that eight entered the National Scholars Scheme, 20 in the VIEP Scholars Registry and 26 had a PRODEP profile.

Currently, 67 students are studying a postgraduate course and 85 are developing research projects.

Noting the importance of community connection, he said that through the AMPATH / MAPAS Mexico program, the university has taken action in different regions from which 1,603 people have benefited through clinical services, talks and workshops.

Vazquez de Lara Cisneros said there are current agreements with institutions such as the Salvador Zubiran National Institute of Medical Sciences, the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, IMSS-Puebla and the National Cancer Institute, among others.

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Finally, it highlighted actions in favor of the environment, gender equality and improvement of academic processes, as well as transparency and efficiency in the management of resources.

The Director was accompanied in this report by Elias Bernardo Bazzat Said, Academic Secretary. Luis Vazquez Rojas, Administrative Coordinator; And not Rosales Baez, secretary of research and graduate studies, School of Medicine.

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