The expert confirms that the United Kingdom, France, and the Nordic countries are preparing to send forces to Ukraine

Edward Luttwak, an American professor who is an expert in geographical economics, military history and international relations, recently stated in an article condition The United Kingdom, France and the Nordic countries, all members of NATO, are preparing to send troops to Ukraine.

NATO countries will soon have to send soldiers to Ukraine or accept a catastrophic defeat. “The British and French, along with the Nordic countries, are already secretly preparing to send forces, whether small elite units or logistical support personnel,” he noted.

Luttwak explained that the troops would remain “away from the front” and would devote themselves only to other activities such as recovering and repairing damaged weapons for the purpose of replacing Ukrainian soldiers. The professor stated that the aid would be beneficial for Ukraine because it lacks little “manpower” at the moment.

Likewise, it expects other countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain to have to send troops. He explained: “If Europe cannot provide enough troops, Russia will prevail on the battlefield, and even if diplomacy intervenes successfully to avoid a complete disaster, Russian military power will return victorious to Central Europe.”

Elsewhere in the article, he stated that Ukrainian forces were retreating “because of a lack of soldiers, not because of a lack of firepower.”

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