The expensive mandatory quarantine imposed by the UK upon entering the country: more than 800,000 pesos – donna 89.7

Authorities confirmed on Friday that people who come from countries with a high incidence of infection with the Coronavirus and arrive in the United Kingdom should pass Ten days in government-appointed hotels are a must for passengers Take care of accommodation expenses.

The measure will start on February 15th, with the aim of stopping the spread of South African and Brazilian strains in the country. The British, Irish and residents are the only ones authorized to enter the country from the destinations that make up the Coronavirus “red list”.

The “Red List” consists of 33 countries, Including South Africa, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, and South American countries.

The hotels designated for quarantine compliance will be close to the airports and security personnel will be in place to control that no one leaves the facilities. it is expected that Each night at the hotel costs around 80 pounds (80,800 CLP).

On the part of the Ministry of Health they indicated that “throughout the period of the epidemic, the government will implement proportionate measures, based on the advice of scientists. The most stringent border regimes in the worldIn addition, they added, the measure seeks to “protect the population and save lives.”

The main opposition Labor Party criticized the government’s decision and accused them of doing so Putting lives at risk For not taking urgent measures, he called for an extension of this quarantine to all travelers, not just the British, Irish and residents.

“We are in a race against time to protect our borders from new variants of the Coronavirus,” said Nick Thomas Symonds, a spokesman for the Labor Party. The hotel quarantine will go into effect more than 50 days after the South African strain was discovered“.

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Loss of infections after a vaccination plan

The UK surpassed Ten million were vaccinated with the first dose and 500,000 were vaccinated with the two doses. On average, more than 500,000 people are vaccinated daily, and if the rate is maintained, 15 million people belonging to vulnerable populations will be vaccinated before February 15th.

According to the authorities, last week there was 25.1% decrease in positive cases and 22% in hospitalizations. 13.4% fewer deaths were also recorded.

Oxford University that produces syringes AstraZeneca, Their Vaccine Is 65% Effective, Based on the results of a preliminary investigation conducted by scientists from that institution.

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