The expected image of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Disneyland

The question we all ask ourselves after the ruling in favor of Johnny Depp after his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard is whether he will be able to reclaim his career in the big studios. The answer, a few weeks after the jury’s decision, remains unclear. However, dropping a photo of his character Jack Sparrow only confirms that he has indeed managed to clean up his image.

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This was reported this weekend, via Character Bookthat the image of Jack Sparrow, the drunken protagonist of the epic Pirates of the Caribbean, during a fireworks display at Disneyland Paris. Fans of the actor clearly did not go unnoticed by the act and shared photos on social networks. But is there a possibility that he will return to the franchise?

The answer is uncertain. During the trial itself, Depp recalled one of his earlier statements that he would never work with Disney again or for all the money in the world. On the other hand, as far as is known, although there are at least two projects in the story in development, the executives associated with both don’t seem to indicate that the interpreter is about to return.

a few weeks ago, Jerry BuckenheimerOne of the producers of that franchise confirmed that they are working on new installments. One is a reboot with a female lead on the horizon and with the intention of Margot Robbie translating it. About Depp, he said that at the moment they are reluctant to contact him, because in another project they are preparing things are still very uncertain. He said this to the newspaper Sunday times:

no [hay planes para que Johnny Depp regrese como Jack Sparrow en Piratas del Caribe] Immediately. The future has not yet been decided. We’re talking with Margot Robbie. We are developing two “pirate” scripts: one with her and one without her.

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Another big studio that seems to have blew up their chances with Depp is Warmer. The celebrity, after losing another defamation trial in the UK, the producer asked to resign from Epic adorable animals Although he has already started filming his scenes and has been on set for a few days. He was eventually replaced by Mads Mikkelsen.

What is left of Depp’s career without these privileges? Well, he can always come back on a project with Tim Burton, his still-working frequent friend and collaborator who basically put him on the map with his movies. Not to mention he has found two opportunities in independent cinema in recent years with films like Minamata – 35% waiting for the barbarians- 51%. There is nothing left to wait.

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