The European Parliament ratifies the trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom

The European Parliament’s plenary session officially adopted the Trade and Cooperation Agreement that defines the foundations of the new relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom after the latter’s exit from the Community Club, a system that has been in place temporarily since January but needs the approval of members of the European Parliament for final ratification.

European Parliament President David Sassoli said, “Despite the UK’s decision to leave our union, we continue to exchange deep and lasting ties, values, history and geographical proximity. It is in our common interest that this new relationship works,” after Tuesday’s last-minute vote that was not announced Its result until today. The The plenary finally gave its approval by a large majority of 660 votes in favor, Five votes against and 32 abstentions, as Sasoli himself announced at the start of Parliament Day this Wednesday.

The Foreign and International Trade Committees have already agreed to the agreement because they consider it the best option to avoid post-secession chaos and because they believe it provides sufficient legal tools to ensure a fair and balanced relationship, for example ensuring the same terms in terms of terms. From the competition.

However, members of the European Parliament were hesitant until the last minute to schedule the vote at the required deadline –The provisional implementation of the agreement ends this week– Because of the distrust that the British government generated, due to its non-compliance with the provisions of the Withdrawal Treaty.

The British Executive Director of Boris Johnson unilaterally decided to postpone the customs control that should already be applied from this April on goods traveling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland until October, in accordance with the agreement concluded between London and Brussels in the divorce agreement. For this reason, the political groups in the European Parliament gave their approval to the agreement but warned that the institution would monitor that there were no further violations or that if they did occur, the European Union would act appropriately.

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“Certification is important because it will provide us with the tools to ensure that both parties meet it. Also because it will provide practical solutions when we need them.European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said during a discussion with members of the European Parliament on Tuesday, hours before the vote and four years after London had formally notified the European Union of its decision to leave the club.

The European Union sees a violation of international law by the United Kingdom in delaying implementation of the Irish Protocol to the Exit Agreement, which is why Brussels has initiated a violation that could end London before the European Union Court of Justice if the parties fail to resolve the dispute. “We will closely follow the application Both this new treaty and the withdrawal agreement. Sassoli warned after the vote of any setback by the UK government in the commitments it had made.

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