The European giant dominates financial technology “investment”

The UK continues to dominate the financial technology sector in Europe, investing $ 4.1 billion in a total of 408 deals during 2020

Sector Financial technology The United Kingdom kept its role A leading investment destination in Europe. Despite last year’s figures prepared by the consulting organization Innovate finance, Which represents a 9% annual decline, due to the epidemic, the The United Kingdom is second only to the United States in total combined capital all over the world.

“The pandemic has created new barriers for many companies seeking financing, so it is extremely important that we support our innovative companies to drive their future success and growth. The upcoming strategic review of fintech is a major step along this path that will help to ensure sustainable investment in the long term. “, Commented Charlotte Croswell, CEO of Innovate Finance.

Financial technology investment data in the world and the United Kingdom

At the global level, Fintech investment for the year 2020 was $ 44,000 million in a total of 3,052 agreements. It increased 14% over the previous year. Of this amount, the United States attracted 50% of the investment in total $ 22,000 Million US DollarsWhile Indonesia ranked third with $ 3.300 Million US Dollars e India Room with 2600 million USD.

For its part, The United Kingdom dominated European investment in fintech, accounting for approximately $ 9.3 billion of the total Listed, with a greater influx of deals and invested capital from Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands combined.

Within Europe, Germany ranked second, with investments amounting to $ 1.4 billion, in 71 deals, 50% more than 2019 in your area. Sweden ranked third With 1.300 million USD Raise the capital, followed by France ($ 522 million) And the Switzerland ($ 294 million), Close the top five.

Companies with higher capital invested

Among the international conventions Three major rounds of investment in financial technology It is insured by the following companies:

  • Gojek (Indonesia payment platform): 3000 million dollars
  • ribbon (Software and financial services in the United States): 850 million NIS
  • Resonance (A digital bank that also provides technology services in the United States): $ 700 Million US Dollars

While in Europe, the largest investments were secured by:

  • Clarna (Payment company in Sweden): $ 650 million
  • Revolution (Fintech for UK exchange rates): $ 580 million
  • N26 (Germany-based neobank): $ 570 million.

Focusing on the Northern European country, Companies located in London They attract the 91% of the capital invested in UK fintechplural $ 3800M in 310 Agreements. Among these, Revolution Leading the way with the UK’s biggest deal ($ 580 million USD), Followed by Molo ($ 343 million) And the Monzo ($ 166 million).

he is Investment support for technology companies in finance In the UK it rose to $ 720 million USD in 2020, Which represents 17% of the total investmentAn increase of 11% compared to 2019.

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