The Epic Games Store is offering a new game that is free forever for a week

The platform is now offering Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition for free for a limited time.

The Epic Games Store continues the summer with free games

After the season change last Thursday, June 20th, Legendary Games Store It began by giving away its first free game of the summer, which had a different title than previously announced when a change in plans was made. However, this week the platform is offering the awaited game last week, an opportunity available for only one week to add Completely free game forever.

Starting today, Thursday, June 27, until next Thursday, July 4, at 4:59 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), the platform offers free Sunless Sky: Sovereign Edition, an adventure role-playing game, lets you drive a space steam locomotive as the new Victorian empire rises to the stars. Players will be able to lead an unlucky crew through trouble with complete madness. Haggling over time barrels, exchanging lives, taking a cricket break or having a cup of tea will be options.

Download Sunless Skies for free: Sovereign Edition

The next free game on the Epic Games Store

Starting Thursday, July 4 at 5:00 PM (Spanish Peninsula time), The Epic Games Store will offer The Falconeer for a weekThis open-world action game lets you soar through the skies on a majestic warbird, explore a stunning ocean world and engage in epic aerial combat.

Players put themselves out there falcon rider, a powerful air warrior who will cross a huge ocean world ravaged by generations of discord and toxic decisions. Over the course of several campaigns, they experience life from different perspectives and loyalties as they go A journey of discovery Where the mystery of Orsi, its inhabitants and its history is solved.

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In addition to these gifts, Steam is giving away another free game for a few hours and GOG is bundling up to four titles for free for a limited time, making players pay close attention to these limited campaigns.

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