The Epic Games Store is giving away its ninth free Christmas game for 24 hours

The platform continues to change its free-to-play game every day.

The Epic Games Store is receiving its ninth free game for Christmas

Countdown to the end of the year as the free games party continues Legendary Games Storewhich continues to celebrate the campaign Mysterious games Give a free address every 24 hours. After the eighth gift of the whole day, a new change happened just now There's a new free title available for one day only.

This way, starting today, Thursday, December 28 at 5:00 PM (Peninsula Time) until tomorrow, Friday, December 29 at 4:59 PM (Peninsula Time), The Epic Games Store lets you download Cat Quest for free, an open-world RPG set in the world of cats. His adventure begins when the evil Drakoth kidnaps the protagonist's sister, who is preparing to explore the map of the vast world of Felinia, and risks his seven lives in dungeons in search of legendary spoils.

Download Cat Quest for free from the Epic Games Store

Developed by The Gentlebros, Cat Quest's battles take place entirely in real time: The ability to get close to enemies to strike them with a sword, roll on the ground to avoid their counterattack, and finally finish them off with powerful magic.

The Epic Games Store continues to celebrate with Christmas specials

while Tomorrow at 5:00 PM (Spanish Peninsula time) the 10th free juice from the Epic Games Store will go liveThis will be until next January 10 at 5:00 pm, when you can take advantage of the platform’s Christmas offers, which include thousands of discounted games, 33% Epic discount coupons, a 10% increase in Epic rewards, and more surprises. Meanwhile, Steam is also having winter sales, as are GOG and its 5 Christmas gifts.

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