The end is near: Scientists have revealed the date when the Earth could be devoured by the Sun

Everything has an end, as the saying goes, but that’s often scary, especially when it comes to life as we know it, so many people wonder and others theorize,Work when the world ends. And although there is no basis for many, the Sciences Very awesome, which gave The sun can devour the earth and even They gave the probable date of this event.

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The answer to the question asked by humanity How will the end of our planet given before magazine naturewhich is a file It was compiled from observations made by scientists from various centers in the United States. It is an investigation on file exoplanet – with similar characteristics to Jupiter – which were Star soaked of your planetary system.

It happened near cAquila onstellation, when scientists observed an exoplanetwhen suddenly a star – approximately 10 billion years, which has been growing billions of years as a result of aging – it was This growth even swallowed the orb. Astronomers saw a light burst, followed by a long-lasting glowing dust stream cold infrared energy.

The sun is expanding over time. Photo: Pixabay.

normal process

This is part of the file A normal process for the starswhich gradually increases in size and Our sun is no exception. In fact this cycle has been going on for years. about her European Space Agency (ESA, for its English acronym) provided a progress estimation animation.

Derived from the aforementioned natural pathway, f Scientists pointed out that Mercury, Venus and Earth may have the same fate, Well, they are The planets closest to the sun. The date when this will happen is still very far away, since our star has yet to grow further, so It will be in about 5,000,000 yearsAccording to Morgan MacLeod of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

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The first three planets in the solar system will be swallowed up. Image: iStock.

Why do stars expand?

As with people, Stars change as they agebecause they burn all the hydrogen in their cores, so they start to expand and even transform Become In what is known as “Red Giants”


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