The Earth’s core has taken a dramatic turn of events, and this has had an important impact on our daily lives.

The Earth’s core is of vital importance

Our planet has a solid core and a liquid core

Our planet is no stranger to the changes that all celestial bodies undergo. We have recently seen how the sun’s regions have been exploding and how they have changed in a truly remarkable way in recent years. However, the changes that occur on Earth are at the geological level and these processes It takes millions of years to be noticed It has often made us lose sight of how our planet could change. Not so long ago – again in geological terms – we found that the planet Earth did not have a division into continents as it does today.

Now the rotation of the Earth’s core appears to be changing, and this has unexpected effects that we are largely unaware of. Let’s see how they discovered it and what this event consists of.

Planet Earth is changing

Study published in Scientific journal Nature Scientists from the United States and China have achieved this The rotation of the Earth’s inner core has slowed Gradually, this may have unforeseen consequences regarding the behavior of our planet from now on.

According to the team, from the University of Southern California and Peking University, they were able to verify this slowdown thanks to a very specific reason: the analysis of global seismic waves between 1991 and 2023. All of them, including those generated by earthquakes or nuclear tests, have been completely analyzed to understand The Earth’s seismic field is better developed.

Through the movements of these waves, they were able to understand the location and movement of the Earth’s inner core, which also has its own rotational movement. There, they were able to conclude that around 2010 the inner core receded relative to the surface due to the movement of the outer core.

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This nucleus is responsible for generating the Earth’s magnetic field and its gravitational forces. Changing the Earth’s core is a common process that sometimes occurs, but at the moment it’s not entirely clear what the most notable outcome of all this is. Right now, there is speculation about that Earth days could last a little longer Because of these aberrations, but at the moment they will be imperceptible to the human eye, although of course they are Yes, it will affect our daily life. Practically literally.

It is almost impossible to believe that this event could represent any serious change for our species. On the contrary, all the details are known about him Extremely harmless in all aspects. Although more research will be necessary to determine potential long- and medium-term effects.

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