The Dominican Court of Appeals hears the appeal of the anti-octopus case

20 Jan 2021 0: 5
Santo Domingo, January 20 (Prinsa Latina) Today, the 2nd Criminal Chamber of the National District Court of Appeals is hearing appeals by six of those involved in the anti-octopus corruption case.

The hearing began on Wednesday January 13th, but was suspended after the Public Prosecution Office argued that there was a technical flaw in its platform to download evidence sent by the defendants, who had appealed against the ruling against them by Judge Alejandro Vargas. .

The claimants are Alexis Medina, brother of former President Danilo Medina, appointed as head of the organization, as well as the former director of the Office of Supervisory Engineers of State Works (UESO), Francisco Pagan, and the former head of the reformer heritage companies fund Fernando de la Rosa.

Additionally, Aquils Christopher, a former Oisoe employee with Julián Suriel and José Santana, are alleged partners of the city.

The anti-octopus operation began on November 29 with the arrest of 10 accused, and then another was added, bringing the number to 11 accused, all of whom were accused of fraud and alleged embezzlement of the country through companies linked to Medina.

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